Tracklist : OST. Tantara / Entertainer

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Tracklist : OST. Tantara / Entertainer
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Entertainer (Hangul: 딴따라; RR: Ttanttara) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Lee Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk and Chae Jung-an. It airs on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 18 episodes, beginning April 20, 2016. Shin Suk-ho (Ji Sung) is a successful director who works for KTOP entertainment, a large entertainment company. After he decides to become independent and tries to develop his own company, he suddenly goes through many hardships and loses everything. But then, he finds a talented singer, a high school student named Jo Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk) and promises to turn him into a famous musician. The most shocking thing is that Ha-neul is an ex-convict and was accused as a sexual abuser by his friend, Lee Ji-Young (Yoon Seo). Shin Seok-ho starts an all-pure new journey with Ha-neul's group 'Entertainer Band' (Ddandara band/ 딴다라 벤드), his loyal friends and Jung Geu-rin (Lee Hyeri), Ha-neul's hard-working sister. (Source:

No Artist - Song Title Lyric Chord
01 GARY (Feat. Miwoo) - Tantara READY -
02 Suran - To Your Dream READY READY
03 Han Seo Yoon - A Stray Child READY READY
04 Kang Min Hyuk - I See You READY READY
05 Gaeko - Send Me Your Pictures READY -
06 Jeong Eun Ji - A Love Before READY READY
07 Ailee & Truedy - I Can`t Live Without You READY READY
08 Jo Bok Rae - Go Ahead, Cry READY READY
09 Giriboy - Move READY -


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