Chord : Yoona (SNSD) - Amazing Grace (OST. The K2)

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Welcome to all music lovers, may your days in line with the rhythm of peace and happiness.
For those who love this song, come on grab your guitar now
and play it along with your heart. Enjoy It !!!

Chord : Yoona (SNSD) - Amazing Grace (OST. The K2)
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Chord : Yoona (SNSD) - Amazing Grace 
(OST. The K2)

[Intro] : D D G D
            Bm E-A D G-D

     D            D
Amazing grace
            G               D
How sweet the sound
       Bm               E            A
That saved a wretch like me
   D              D
I once was lost
         G            D
But now i'm found
         Bm            E - A  D G-D
Was blind but now i see

[Verse 2]
              D               D
'Twas grace that taught
         G          D
My heart to fear
          Bm           E          A
And grace my fear relieved
           D            D
How precious did
           G           D
That grace appear
       Bm       E - A       A      D
The hour I first be.....lie.....ved


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