Lyric : Kim Na Young - If Only (OST. Loveplaylist2)

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Welcome to all music lovers, may your days in line with the rhythm of peace and happiness.
For those who love this song, feel free to grasp the lyric directly
and sing along with your heart. Enjoy It !!!

Lyric : Kim Na Young - If Only (OST. Loveplaylist2)
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Lyric : Kim Na Young - If Only
(OST. Loveplaylist2)

Seuseuro baboga doen nareul
Seolmyeonghal bangbeobi eopseo

Neon ajigeun bomiramyeon
Nan eoneusae gyeoulkkeute wasseo honjaseo

Kkojibeo malhal suga eopsneun
Dallajin maeumui moyang

Nal domuji moreundaneun
Neon imi nae gyeoteul meoreojin saram
Geuge neomu apa

Sumi chamyeon neoui soneul jabeulgeol
Buranhamyeon geunyang ureobeorilgeol
Dasineun bol su eopsneun
Cheoeum neoui geu miso
Geugeol nan geuttae boji anhassdamyeon

Hwareul naemyeon chorahaejineun naega
Geureolsurok meoreojyeoganeun nega
Dasineun ol su eopsneun
Cheoeum geu seolleimdeul
Geugeol nan mitji anheul geol geuraesseo
Gwaenhi geuraesseo


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