Lyric : Yein - Wave (OST. Secret Forest)

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Welcome to all music lovers, may your days in line with the rhythm of peace and happiness.
For those who love this song, feel free to grasp the lyric directly
and sing along with your heart. Enjoy It !!!

Lyric : Yein – Wave (물결) (OST. Secret Forest)
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Lyric : Yein - Wave (물결)
(OST. Secret Forest)

Nae nunape heundeullin mulgyeol
Solieobsi yuyuhi heulleo
Jinabeolin geu gile
Hollo nameun neoleul bomyeo
Naneun saenggaghae

Nae soni neoege daha jabeul ttae
Bichnadeon neoui nun han gaunde
Gipeunmam ango
Naneun geoleosseo neowa hu....

Nae silin mami
Nege daheul ttae
Ne mameun deogipi
Seulpeojyeossji geulaesseossji

Geuleohge geuleohge naneun neoege
Solieobsneun mulgyeolcheoleom geuleohge
Geuleohge tteonaga naneun neoege
Heulleobeolin mulgyeolcheoleom geuleohge


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