Tracklist : OST. Lookout

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Tracklist : OST. Lookout 파수꾼
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Lookout (Hangul: 파수꾼; RR: Pasooggoon; A.k.a The Guardians) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Si-young, Kim Young-kwang, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Seul-gi and Key. The drama airs on MBC every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) starting May 22, 2017.

Plot: Lookout tells the story of a group of people who team up to serve justice themselves after losing their loved ones to criminals. The group consists of a lawyer, prosecutor, hacker, and an extremely shy person. They want to give these criminals the punishment that they deserve, and take matters into their own hands as the corrupt justice system in South Korea fails to capture the culprits..

Production: The director Son Hyung-suk is known for his action, thriller drama Two Weeks and his historical drama Shine or Go Crazy. The series is based on a script by rookie Kim Soo-eun which became the second placer in the 2016 MBC TV Drama Screenplay Competition in Miniseries category, behind Radiant Office which script was written by Jung Hoe-hyun. "The Guardians" marks Shin Dong-wook's return after being diagnosed with CRPS, a cripplingly painful illness in 2010. First script reading took place March 29 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. (Source:

Part Artist - Song Title Lyric Chord
01 Damiano Ft. Jenyer - AMEN READY -
02 Gill, Ltak Ft. Pop Culture - Got U (Prod. Rainstone) READY -
03 Raina (Orange Caramel) - Trickling READY -
04 Jenyer Ft. DAVII - Taken READY READY
05 Takada Kenta & NewTownBoyz - Wanna be With You READY -
06 Han Ga Eul - I Need A Light (Prod. Whee) READY READY
07 Kebee - Watchman of Dawn READY -


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