Lyric : SE O (Jelly Cookie) - A Faint Heart (OST. Reunited Worlds)

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Welcome to all music lovers, may your days in line with the rhythm of peace and happiness.
For those who love this song, feel free to grasp the lyric directly
and sing along with your heart. Enjoy It !!!

 Lyric : SE O (임서영) - A Faint Heart (아련한 마음) (OST. Reunited Worlds)
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 Lyric : SE O (임서영) [Jelly Cookie] - A Faint Heart (아련한 마음)
(OST. Reunited Worlds)

Nal balaboneun nunbiche
Museun uimileul damgo issnayo
Joyonghi buleooneun balami
Dabeul allyeojulkkayo

Geudae kkaman nundongja
Maleun haji anhjiman
Sumanheun iyagiga
Deullyeooneun geos gatayo

huhuuhuuhuu hu huuhuuhuu
haahaahaa ha haahaahaa

Apeun maeumdo
Alin gieogdo

Tteugeoun nunmul soge
Modu nogji anheumyeon
Jigeum i sigan sogeulo
Modu heullyeo bonaeyo


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