Lyric : Siwan - My Heart (OST. The King in Love)

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Welcome to all music lovers, may your days in line with the rhythm of peace and happiness.
For those who love this song, feel free to grasp the lyric directly
and sing along with your heart. Enjoy It !!!

Lyric : Siwan (임시완) - My Heart (내 마음은) (OST. The King in Love)
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Lyric : Siwan (임시완) - My Heart (내 마음은)
(OST. The King in Love)

Jogeumssig naegelo
Useumyeo dagaoneun neoege
Amumal moshan chae
Geujeo balabogo isseo

Niga neukkiji moshalmankeum meongoseseo
Honja meonghage udukeoni seoseo

Amudo mollae neol geuligo isseo
Jogeum nae maeumi 
Neoege gago isseo
Nuneul gamgo jeomjeom hangeoleumssig 
Deo dagagago sipeo..
Naleul balaboneun 
Neoui nunbicheul manjigo sipeo

Ajigeun seotuleun
Jogeumeun eosaeghan nae moseubeul
Geunyang soljighage
Nege boyeojugo sipeo

Eonje eodilado
Niga chajeulsu issge
Naleul jogeumssig muldeuligo isseo

Neoui saegkkallo nal geuligo isseo
Neoleul halujongil 
Naemame sseugo isseo
Sumgyeowassdeon naemam ije 
Naega naleul chajeul su issge..

Honjayeossdeon naui siganeul
Nae teongbinmameul 
Ijeneun neolo chaewojwo
Sumgyeowassdeon naemameul 
Yongginaeeo malhalge

Nado moleuge neol buleugo isseo
Jigeum naegaseumi
Neol hyanghae ttwigo isseo
Neoegelo gaseo
Nae pume ango ibmajchugo sipeo..
Neoleul balabodeon naui nunbicheul
Nege jugo sipeo..


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