Tracklist : OST. Hospital Ship

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Tracklist : OST. Hospital Ship 병원선
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Hospital Ship (Hangul: 병원선; RR: Byeong-wonseon) is an South Korean television series starring Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk. It airs on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST) starting August 30, 2017.

Plot: Drama series depicts the story of young doctors who provide medical service to island residents via a hospital ship. Song Eun-Jae (Ha Ji-Won) is a capable surgeon at a large hospital in Seoul. She works very hard at her job and will become the youngest female chief surgeon there. Song Eun-Jae is burdened with responsibility over her mother and younger sibling. Her mother lives on an island with her aunt. Her mother sometimes sends patients to the hospital where Song Eun-Jae works, which brings trouble for her. One day, Song Eun-Jae's mother, who frequently has indigestion problems, comes to the hospital. Her mother talks with Song Eun-Jae on the phone. Song Eun-Jae becomes upset, believing her mother has sent her another patient. Her mother goes back to the island without seeing Song Eun-Jae. Later, Song Eun-Jae receives a phone call from her aunt that her mother has collapsed. When Song Eun-Jae gets to the emergency room where her mother is at, she learns that her mother has passed away. Song Eun-Jae is devastated. Meanwhile, Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-Hyuk) is a physician. He volunteers to work aboard a hospital ship as a public health doctor instead of serving in the military. He became a doctor due to his father. His father is a highly regarded physician and known as the “Korean Schweitzer,” but he has neglected his family. Kwak Hyun wants to become a good doctor, but not become like his father. He now works at the hospital ship with Kim Jae-Gul (Lee Seo-Won) who is an oriental doctor and others. Song Eun-Jae then appears aboard the hospital ship. (Source:

Production: The series is directed by Park Jae-bum who also directed Missing You (2012) and Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (2013). Its screenwriter is known for historical dramas Hwang Jini (2006) and Secret Door (2014). First script reading took place July 6, 2017 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. Filming for the drama series takes place mostly on Geoje Island, South Korea. Choi Jin-Hyuk was first offered the lead male role, but declined. Ha Ji-Won plays a doctor for the first time in her acting career. (Source:

Part Artist - Song Title Lyric Chord
01 Rainz - Let It Go, Let It Be READY READY
02 Ma Eun Jin (Playback) - A Strange Day READY READY
03 Yang Da Il - Touch of Love READY READY


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